I began working with photography in the  early 1970’s as a means of personal expression. My interests quickly evolved into an exploration of sacred and vernacular architecture, with an emphasis on pre-industrial illumination. Other areas of interest have been extended time exposure/motion studies, landscape and still life studies.

This pursuit has taken me to the cave monasteries in Southern Italy, Sicily and Anatolia, medieval architecture in Spain and Portugal, the megalithic temples on the island of Malta, Mayan temples on the Yucatan Peninsula, and the great Ottoman mosques in Istanbul, as well as Native American ceremonial sites and ancient rock art in the American Southwest and Mexico.




The portfolio “ WHERE LIGHT DWELLS” originated in 1988 upon my first trip to the troglodyte dwelling’s and cave monasteries in the Southern Italian village of Matera. I have continued this photographic exploration of sacred architecture in Spain, Mexico, Turkey and Portugal and  have returned numerous times to photograph in Northern and Southern Italy and Sicily as well as Istanbul and Cappodocia, Turkey.
A selection from this series on sacred architecture from Turkey and Southern Italy was first exhibited at The Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California in 1988 and again 1992.    
The Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Ma exhibited selections from Where Light Dwells in the spring of 2011.        
Photographs from this series are archived at ArchNet .org, an international online community for architects and scholars, supported by The Aga Khan Foundation at MIT.  


CCNY Film Department 1962.

Audited film and photography classes  1968 San Francisco Art Institute.

Private studies with Walter Chappell, print making and visualization  1969-72.